How To Display Your Sales On Your Own Website offers an HTML embed code that will allow you to embed your current and/or past sales list on your own website. To get started, go to your Sales tab and click the button on the top that says "Embed Sales On Your Website".

You will see a modal dialog come up that contains HTML code for you to copy and paste onto your website. We have three options for the code: Only Upcoming Sales (default selection), Only Past Sales Only, and All Sales PAst & Present. Switch the option to your desired display type before copying the HTML code.

Once the HTML code is copied, navigate to where you manage your website's code. This will most likely be a CMS system such as Wordpress, GoDaddy Website Builder, SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, or similar. If you have a dedicated page on your site to show your sales, we recommend going to this page and finding where it allows you to add custom HTML code to your page. If you do not have a page to show your sales, most website builder tools allow you to easily create such a page and adding a link to the page to your global navigation. You may also choose to copy and paste your HTML code directly onto the Homepage of your website - it's totally up to you.

Each website builder tool will be slightly different, but in general, you should have an option to add or edit a raw snippet of HTML code to a section on your page.

Adding Your Sale Feed Using GoDaddy Website Builder

The following video shows how you can display your sale feed using the popular GoDaddy Website Builder tool.

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