Using The Bulk Upload Items Tool

The Bulk Items Uploader can be used to create or update multiple items in your sale in a faster and more efficient way than by manually adding them one-by-one through the user interface. It's the perfect tool for managing large auction catalogs.

Uploading Your Items list

You can create multiple items for your sale by uploading a comma separated or Excel file containing the values for your item list.

File Types

The following file types are permitted.

  • Comma separated text file: .csv
  • Excel Spreadsheet: .xls, .xlsx

Creating Your Items List

  • First, click on the "Bulk Upload Items" button from the Items step. A new window will open with the Bulk Upload Wizard. Download the items .csv or .xlsfile at the top of the page on Step 1. If your sale doesn't have any items in it yet, this file will be pre-filled with a placeholder item (which you can delete). If your sale already has items in it, the headings and values for existing items in your sale will be there.
  • Each sale item should be on its own line.
  • The “lot_id” field for each item should be filled in with a unique value. We suggest values such as 1, 2, 3, and so on, but this can be any alphanumeric string. Just note that the lot id cant start with a "0" due to the way in which many spreadsheet apps strip this from the start of numeric fields.
  • You can either set the “enable_bidding” field to ‘1’ or enter a value in the “buynow_price” field.
  • Pricing fields do not require a dollar sign.
  • The “consignor_commission” field is a percentage (no symbol required).

Once you have finished adding your items, upload the modified file by clicking the “Select File” button in Step 2.

Uploading Your Item Images

You can add images to your items on Step 3. Your images must follow a specific naming convention in order for them to be correctly associated with your items in the spreadsheet.

Image File Types

The following file types are permitted.

  • JPEG Files: .JPG
  • PNG Files: .PNG

Naming your Image files

  • Image file names should start with the corresponding lot_id that you entered in the spreadsheet, followed by a dot, followed by a sequential number as specified below.
    • The lot id in an image’s file name corresponds to the “lot id” field in your upload file, designating the sale item that an image is associated with.
      E.g. 1.XXX.JPG for all images in the first item who's lot id is 1.
    • The digits after the first dot of an image’s file name corresponds to the order in which the images should be displayed for that item.
      E.g. 1.002.JPG for the second image in your item.
  • The first image for an item will be used as its cover image.
    E.g. 1.001.JPG will be used as the cover image.

Updating Existing Items

You can update existing items in your sale by uploading a modified items list with the following requirements.

  • The “lot id” field for existing items should not be changed, otherwise it will create a new item
  • The following fields may not be modified once bidding has started on an item.
    • buynow_price
    • bidding
    • buyers_premium
    • starting_price
    • reserve_price

Bulk Upload Tool Video Walkthrough

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