Photos are uploading sideways

In most cases, our website will automatically detect common photo orientations and will attempt to correct them so that they appear right side up when they are uploaded. However, certain devices can send unexpected or missing orientation data which may cause our auto correction to fail.

To fix this issue, there is a toggle link that you can click from the photos upload step, which will tell our system to ignore any incoming orientation settings and this usually will fix the issue (unless the actual photo was taken sideways or upside down). This setting should be saved to your web browser so that whenever you come back to upload more photos in the future, you should not need to toggle it again unless you are using a different device or web browser. Toggling this setting will not re-rotate any previously uploaded photos and will affect only photos uploaded after the setting is toggled.

To use the toggle setting, first make sure you have uploaded at least one photo. You will see some small text below the "Add Photos" button and grey-bordered zone. Click the "Click here" link to disable auto correct mode, and then try uploading again. The photos should then load in the correct orientation.

This same setting is also available in online sales or auctions on the individual item add/edit page. You will find a similar toggle link below the area where item photos are uploaded:

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