What is an online auction format sale and how does it work?

We support online auction format sales with bidding on another website or with timed bidding directly on EstateSales.org.

If bidding takes place on another website, users will be guided to an external bidding URL that you specify, where they can then follow the instructions for registration and bidding.

If you choose to conduct bidding directly on EstateSales.org, you will be able to upload items and specify things such as when bidding will start, when it will start to close, what the starting prices are for each item, and many other options. Your items are then listed for sale in our Shop Online section as well as emailed to our opted-in subscriber list until the bidding for your auction has closed. You can easily share your auction page link to your email list and social media following. We offer many advanced features such as consignor management as well as invoicing with optional online payment integration via PayPal and Stripe.

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