What Does Identity Verified Mean On A Sellers Profile?

In order to increase trust in our marketplace, we require all sellers who use our online sale and auction platform to verify their identity. When a seller has completed this step, you will see an "Identity Verified" badge next to their name on their profile and sale pages.

To become identity verified, sellers must provide a photo of their government issued id (such as a drivers license, id card, or passport) as well as a photo of their face. We use both human and AI to verify that the biometric data and provided id are a match and therefore we know with certainty the legal name and address of our sellers. We find that adding this layer of protection drastically lowers the odds of untrustworthy sellers.

Except when a seller chooses to send their id and photo to us via email for manual review, we use Stripe's automated API to power our identity verification process. More about how this works can be found on Stripe's website at https://support.stripe.com/questions/common-questions-about-stripe-identity

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