Facebook Boost Upgrade FAQs

How many people will see my ad on Facebook?

The number of people that will see your ad on Facebook depends on several factors such as the budget you select, the geographic area where your sale is located and the number of days your ad runs. You’ll be able to see detailed statistics about your ads reach on your sale upgrade page usually within 1 day of your ad going live. Statistics refresh hourly.

Who will see my ad on Facebook?

We target your ad on Facebook to people that live within 30 miles of your sale and are likely to have an interest in estate sales. If you have selected a national upgrade, we target the entire US. 

Can I see how my ad is performing on Facebook?

We start reporting insights on your Facebook ad starting around 1 day after your ad starts running. You can view the statistics on the upgrade page for your sale. Available statistics include impressions, clicks, CTR (Click through rate), and budget remaining.

How much of my budget goes towards the Facebook boost upgrade?

100% of your selected budget goes towards your ad. We charge a small fee equal to 10% of your chosen boost amount in order to cover some of the costs we incur from our payment processor. If Facebook is unable to spend your entire budget (not typical), you will be refunded or issued a credit for the unspent balance.

Can I preview my ad on Facebook?

A preview of your ad will be available shortly after publishing your sale. This will allow you to view how your ad looks on Facebook.

My ad says it was rejected, why? What happens next?

Facebook reviews all ads to ensure they comply with their advertising policies and in certain cases can disapprove an ad. Usually this is due to the ad containing text that refers to any type of weapons, tobacco, alcohol or adult content. In the unlikely event that your ad is disapproved, we’ll issue a credit or refund.

When will my ad start and end?

Our system automatically creates your ad on Facebook within minutes of publishing your sale and your ad will start running as soon as Facebook reviews and approves it. The review process can take up to a few hours. Your ad will end at the same time your sale ends, or sooner if the ad budget is not high enough to spend the minimum required amount of $1 per day. For example, if your ad budget was $5 but your sale doesnt end for 7 days, your ad will start upon publishing and run for 5 days. On the 6th and 7th days, your ad would not run due to not enough budget.

How is this different than advertising on Facebook myself?

Boosted Facebook posts are promoted on the EstateSales.org Facebook page and not on your own business page. This means that you do not need to bother setting up a Facebook ads account or learn how to use the complicated and time consuming Facebook ads system. Its as simple as selecting a boost amount and publishing your sale!

Can I select a boost upgrade amount other than the preset amounts?

We provide suggested preset amounts between $5 and $100 for convenience. If you would like to spend a different amount, please contact us.

What happens if I need to change my sale?

Once posted to Facebook, changes to your EstateSales.org sale will not automatically reflect on existing Facebook ads. Please contact us if you need to refresh your Facebook ad.

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