How much does it cost to list a timed auction on

For subscription plan members, there is no charge to list timed online auctions or online estate sales with unlimited items. We charge a small commission fee for successful item sales based on your plan level. Commission fees are accrued and charged at the end of your billing period along with your monthly subscription plan fee.

For example, if you are an Elite level member, and you sold $1,000 worth of items at timed online auction during your billing period, you would be charged $99.99 (base plan fee) plus $20.00 ($1,000 * 2% commission fee) = $119.99. Commission rates for each plan type are as follows:

  • Elite – 2%
  • Platinum – 3%
  • Gold – 4%
  • Basic – 5%

The maximum item commission charge for any single item is $100. So for example if you sold a $10,000 vehicle and your commission rate was 2%, your fee would only be $100 and not $200 (2% of $10,000).

If an item is sold at auction and is later canceled, then you can mark the item as unsold from the Items tab, and the commission fee for that item is automatically reversed.

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