What is the Treasure Listings Sale Network?

The Treasure Listings Sale Network is made up of 5 popular yard, garage, and estate sale listing websites that collectively receive over 2 million visitors per month in the U.S. The websites are:

  1. https://gsalr.com
  2. https://yardsales.net
  3. https://www.yardsalesearch.com
  4. https://garagesalefinder.com/
  5. https://www.garagesalestracker.com/

All listings with a visible address that are posted to EstateSales.org automatically get cross posted to all of the above websites as an included benefit.

Note that if your sale's settings are set to only reveal the address of the sale after a certain date and time, the sale will not be shown on the Treasure Listings Sale Network until shortly after the date and time at which your sale's address is revealed. This is because the website in the network use the sale address to show a map based view of sales.

Also note that online-only events, such as online-only auctions, are not cross posted to the network, regardless of their address visibility.

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