How max bidding works

Our "set-it-and-forget-it" bidding system is designed to help you win the items you bid on at the cheapest price possible and also prevent the need to constantly monitor the auction to see if you've been outbid.

For our system to work at its best, we recommend that you select the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item one time up front. This is known as a "max bid" system. Your max bid is not visible to anyone but yourself and will only be used as needed to outbid other bidders and win the item at the lowest possible cost to you.

We don't recommend constantly monitoring auctions to see if you have been outbid and then placing a new, higher bid each time. This may lead to you missing the opportunity to counter bid and losing the auction.

Remember, it pays to put your best bid forward right away. Don't be the person who gets outbid but would have been willing to pay more!

The following video shows you how our "max bidding" system works so that you can maximize your chances of winning items you bid on through

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